Legal advice for children

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Children and young people are particularly vulnerable in their encounters with the justice system for a range of reasons.


The needs of young people, and indeed the law and legal processes that apply to them, can be different to those of the general population.


It is crucial young people receive timely advice and representation in response to their particular legal needs. In providing this service, we assist young people to develop an understanding of their rights and the legal process; a respect for the law and encourage active citizenship for a positive future.


What do we do?

We provide free professional legal services to children and young people throughout Western Australia, including advice, casework and court representation.


We also play an active role in raising awareness of the legal rights and responsibilities of young people, through community education, advocacy and law reform campaigns.


Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible.


Helps fund a monthly SMS service so we can remind young people of their legal appointments and when they need to appear in Court.



Helps staff to create legal information/education sheets for young people and advertise on social media to ensure young people are accessing up-to-date legal information that will assist them.



Contributes towards legal advice being prepared by a lawyer for a young person.



Assists in enabling the lawyers to purchase other professional services that will assist the child/young people., e.g., psychological report where a young person has underlying mental health issues.


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Thank you for helping us in our mission to provide legal representation, education, support and advocacy for WA’s children and young people.
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