What age can I Get a body piercing?

This depends on what you would like to have pierced.


You can have your ears pierced from age 0 – 15 providing that you have parental consent. If you are aged 16 or over, you can have your ears pierced without your parent’s consent.


The following law applies whether you see a professional body piercer or get a friend to do your body piercing.


Children and Community Services Act 2004 (WA)

104A. Body piercing

(1) In this section —
body piercing means piercing a part of the body for the purpose
of inserting a bar, pin, ring, stud or similar thing.

(2) A person must not carry out body piercing on any of the
following parts of the body of a child —
(a) the genitals;
(b) the anal area;
(c) the perineum;
(d) the nipples.


Penalty: a fine of $18,000 and imprisonment for 18 months.


A parent cannot consent to their child (under 18) having a body piercing on any of these parts.


On any other body part, written consent is required before the child (under 18) can have that body part pierced. If the piercer fails to get parental consent, then the piercer commits an offence. The maximum penalty is a fine of $12,000 and imprisonment for one year.


This restriction does not apply to body piercing carried out for a medical or therapeutic purpose.

Please note: Laws are subject to change. Last updated July 2020.

Important: This general information is not the same as legal advice. You should speak with a lawyer about your situation. The information is based on a Western Australian context.

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