Move On Notices

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Move on notices

If you are in a public place or on a vehicle used for public transport like a bus or train and police reasonably suspect you are or are about to commit an act that is against the law or breaches the peace, they can order you to go a reasonable distance away from the place or part of it where you are.  They can also order you to stay away from the place or part of it for up to 24 hours.  This order is known as a Move On Order.

Before issuing you with a Move On Order, the police may require you to give them your personal details.  Remember this is your full name, date of birth and address where you are living. See Police and Your Rights – Youth Legal Police Powers – YouTube

It is important to give this information to the police to avoid being charged with more serious offences.

Before giving you a Move On Order the police do have to consider how the Order will affect your ability to return home, attend work, health or other essential services.

The Order must be in writing and given to you in person.

What if I refuse to take the Order from the Police? Even if you refuse to accept it, the Police Officer just has to leave it near you or verbally draw your attention to it.

Once you have been given the Order you must leave the area and not return to the place/area for the time listed in the Order.

If you fail to leave or return before the end of the time in the Order, you can be charged with failing to obey a Police Officer.

– Written by David Kernohan, Director of Youth Legal Services

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