Stay Safe In Summer

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Summer! Hot days, watching cricket, beaches, BBQ’s, relaxing and spending time with friends and mates, listening to music, partying, particularly over Christmas and New Year. 

We all have things we enjoy doing over the Christmas period and summer months and often, alcohol and/or drugs are involved in some way.  During the week, up to about 6pm on Friday evening we are sure we can drink responsibly and keep track of the amount we are drinking.

But, come a hot Friday; when work is more stressful than we anticipated, and we didn’t get to eat lunch, we are sure one drink after work with colleagues won’t matter. Then, we bump into a mate who invites us for a second drink, we figure, one more can’t hurt, after all we are beginning to have food.  Gradually we lose track of time and the amount of alcohol we are consuming. 

We have all been in this or similar situations, where despite our best intentions we end up in circumstances where our decision making is impaired and the choices, we make are less than ideal. 

Perhaps we were fortunate those decisions did not result in major or negative consequences. Yet, this summer, some young people will make decisions that do result in accidents, injuries, or negative consequences.  Therefore, the message – stay safe in summer.

Stay safe and don’t drive when you are drug affected.

Police have the power to stop drivers they suspect are driving while impaired by any dug. You can be charged with the offence of Driving with Prescribed Illicit Drug in Oral Fluid.

Stay safe and don’t drive when you have been drinking.

If you are a novice driver, that is you haven’t held your licence for a total period of 2 years you cannot consume any alcohol and drive.

Even if you aren’t a novice driver and you are planning on drinking, work out beforehand who the skipper will be or how you will get home. 

Stay safe sexually

There can be medical and legal consequences when engaging in sexual behaviour. Remember, no means no! and silence is not consent.

Using alcohol and drugs in combination with sexual activity can make it more likely we will take risks.   Engaging in risky sexual behaviour can make it more likely we may contract an STI, (sexually transmitted infection).

Stay safe, keep your cool

We all get frustrated and angry at times.  Venting our frustration and anger by lashing out at another person, punching them or assaulting them is not cool and the legal consequences of assaulting another person can last longer than your initial feeling of frustration or anger.

The message to stay safe in summer isn’t about preventing you from having fun.  The best fun is consequence free fun.  Stay safe and enjoy this summer.

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