What to do if you are Cyberbullied

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I am experiencing cyber-bullying, what can I do about it?

1. Talk to a trusted friend, parent, or teacher.

A person who engages in cyberbullying often wants to make you feel isolated and alone.  Surround yourself with supportive friends and adults who you trust and who look out for you.


  • The person doing the cyber-bullying is looking to get a reaction from you.  When we feel hurt and angry because of what has been said or posted, it is easy to react.
  • Talk to your friends rather than reacting to what the cyber-bully is saying.

2. Take a screen shot of what has been said, posted or sent.

This is important because if you want to report the cyber-bullying it helps to have a record of what was said or posted.


  • What the person is saying or posting can be hurtful and untrue but what they are doing in harassing and bullying you is about them, not you. Even when it hurts.

3. Use #🛑

This emoji tells the cyberbully to stop and also lets your friends know you are being cyberbullied.


  • A person may continue to cyber-bully when they have been told to stop.  If this happens you can block the person.  You can also report the person.

4. Reporting cyber-bullying

Remember you can report cyber-bullying:

  • To the social media platform, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tok, Snapchat or the other platforms you are using.
  • If you are the victim of cyber-bullying or on-line harassment you can also report it to Report | Cyber.gov.au

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