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A recent article in the ABC was on the practice of editing pictures of ourselves before posting on social media[1].  The rise of body editing apps makes this infinitely easier and when combined with photo filters, the result is …. well, a photo of me...

Drink spiking is when a person deliberately adds alcohol or another drug to someone else’s drink without them knowing. Read more...

Like many things in life, the information on the consumption of alcohol amongst young people under the age of 18 is a mix of positive and concerning news. The positive is that the average age at which young people (14 – 24 years) first try alcohol...

International studies estimate that 62- 68% of young people will have been exposed to at least 1 traumatic event by the time they are 17[1]. Traumatic experiences range from single events that involve exposure to actual or threatened death or serious injury such as car accidents...

If you are in a public place or on a vehicle used for public transport like a bus or train and police reasonably suspect you are or are about to commit an act that is against the law or breaches the peace, they can order...

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