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The Alcohol and Drug Foundation has recently released research into harm reduction and illicit drug use amongst young people. It makes for thought-provoking reading.  Compared to other age groups, young adults in the 18 – 24 age range are most likely to have used illicit drugs...

Bullying continues to have serious and disastrous consequence in the lives of our young people.  The West Australian on 25 June ran an article Grieving mums want changes to spare other the pain – calls for reform to end the curse of teen suicide. The article...

Stereotyping is easy.  It requires no thought, just bringing all our assumptions under one umbrella, mixing in our fear then making pronouncements with enough confidence they have an air of credibility.Stereotyping is common in youth crime.  Assumptions and judgements are made that young people are...

Introduction: Young Writers SpaceIt is great to introduce Haydn to readers. Haydn is a young person, who is an aspiring writer, and we are privileged to have him writing and sharing some of his experiences for other young people.Haydn has studied commerce at UWA, majoring in...

A recent article in the ABC was on the practice of editing pictures of ourselves before posting on social media[1].  The rise of body editing apps makes this infinitely easier and when combined with photo filters, the result is …. well, a photo of me...

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