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Resilience is our ability to bounce back from difficulties and with COVID-19 our ability to bounce back is being tested.  For many of the baby-boomers and younger generations we are facing unprecedented times. ...

In the uncertainty of these times, as we are learning to deal with life amid COVID – 19 it is easy to forget that our children/teenagers may be experiencing extra stress or anxiety. ...

The ability to identify what another person may be going through starts with being aware of what we are experiencing. It starts with us being present to ourselves, being aware of when we are happy, when we feel tense and uptight, when we feel...

As older men, what model of masculinity are we presenting to our sons, our nephews, the younger men in our workplaces. Do we engage in the “harmless hazing” that is meant to toughen them up? As fathers, how emotionally present are you with your...

Dealing with bullying is challenging as a parent. While we work with schools to create safe spaces, we also need to work at home to create safety, security and accountability for our children. ...

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