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We all want healthy relationships that bring out the best in both ourselves and our partners.  Yet, sometimes the relationships aren’t what we expected.  We begin to see traits of our partner we are uncomfortable with. It is important you trust your intuition! If you...

The other week I was watching the last few moments of the Drum when one of the guests used a phrase that has kept reverberating in me. The phrase was made in the context of the entrenched disadvantage and the widening of the gap...

One of the grave concerns emerging from COVID-19 is the increase in Family & Domestic Violence, (FDV). When we think of FDV, we think partner perpetrated violence against the other partner or children. Yet, there is another form of Family Violence that is under-reported...

We often don’t think of it, but leadership is an alchemical process.  We are not born leaders, we become leaders as we take three components and allow ourselves to be transformed into effective leaders. ...

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from difficulties and with COVID-19 our ability to bounce back is being tested.  For many of the baby-boomers and younger generations we are facing unprecedented times. ...

In the uncertainty of these times, as we are learning to deal with life amid COVID – 19 it is easy to forget that our children/teenagers may be experiencing extra stress or anxiety. ...

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