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Adolescent dating violence (ADV) is something that doesn’t get spoken about much in Western Australia, yet if the statistics from other countries are anything to go by, there is a large problem that exists under the silence. In Canada, one in three young people experience dating...

The recent release of the Speaking out Survey 2021 provides an important reminder going into the Christmas holiday of the need for young people to exercise care and be vigilant when online. The survey of more than 16,500 WA school children is one of the biggest...

The results were tragic.  One teenager killed, one injured and a 16-year-old boy charged with murder.[1]  According to police, it all started with a series of aggressive social media messages between two groups of teenagers.[2]What is it about social media that allows violence to escalate...

I am experiencing cyber-bullying, what can I do about it? A person who engages in cyberbullying often wants to make you feel isolated...

What is it?Community legal education is legal information provided to young people about legal issues that may affect them and impact their lives.  The purpose of community education is to equip a young person with knowledge and awareness so they can make effective decisions and...

Does cannabis cause mental health issues?This is a question often hotly debated.  People who frown on cannabis use cite examples of poorer mental health outcomes among people they know who use cannabis as evidence for why it should be banned.  People who use cannabis and...

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